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Dr. Leka Gajula on America’s Top Physicians from the Consumers’ Research Council of America

July 24, 2011

In recognition of her accomplishments as a physician specializing in gastroenterology, Dr. Leka Gajula earned a spot on the Consumers’ Research Council of America’s list of America’s Top Physicians in 2007, 2008, and 2010. A research organization based in Washington, D.C., the Consumers’ Research Council of America works closely with a number of professional fields in the United States to identify the top performers in each sector. In addition to publishing annual lists of America’s Best, the Consumers’ Research Council of America provides a wealth of information on a wide array of topics.

When compiling its list of America’s Top Physicians, the Consumers’ Research Council of America draws upon a point system that takes into account several key components of effective medical practice. First, physicians earn points based on their experience in their given fields, the quality of their education, and continuing education participation. The Council also considers membership in professional medical associations such as the American Medical Association and the American College of Physicians. Finally, candidates benefit from successful completion of board certification programs, which require applicants to complete a rigorous examination and clinical evaluation.

Any physician who meets the point requirements set forth by the Consumers’ Research Council of America earns a spot on the list of America’s Top Physicians. Although many studies make use of peer recommendations in a sort of survey, the Council seeks to establish a more objective means of evaluation, as demonstrated by its use of the point system. When developing its point ranking system, the Council set out to remove emotional and personal factors from the physician evaluation process.

Above all, the Consumers’ Research Council of America intends for readers to use the list of America’s Top Physicians as a starting point in the search for an experienced and accountable medical specialist. When choosing a physician, the Council recommends initiating conversations with a wide variety of personal and professional contacts, including family members, friends, the local Chamber of Commerce, local medical agencies, and a family doctor. When meeting with a physician, the Council stresses the importance of asking thorough questions that leave potential patients comfortable and satisfied.

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